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Our ESG commitments

Social responsibility is at the heart of Claria's corporate culture. We are committed to contribute to sustainable development by integrating social, environmental and governance objectives into our real estate development and investment strategies.

Laying on Grass


Reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings

Designing energy-efficient buildings


Promote the presence of green spaces and plantations in order to reduce heat islands and contribute to the (re)greening of cities


Encourage the use of electric means of transport by providing at least one shared electric vehicle in each of our new projects

Develop solutions to encourage the eco-mobility of our users


Contribute to the well-being and quality of life of our users by offering a variety of services, activities and community programs


Offer our employees a cheerful, collaborative and responsible corporate culture


Commit as a company to the well-being of our communities, through volunteer activities within local charities

Workout Class
Experts Panel


Practice an ethics and diversity policy within the company


Ensure rigorous management of our assets and transparency in sharing our results to our investors and partners


Through our ESG committee, mobilize and sensitize our team and our partners to the principles of social responsibility

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